Movement is Medicine in Charlotte, NC

Movement is Medicine

Our philosophy is ‚ÄúMovement is Medicine,‚ÄĚ and we stand by it. Fortunately, so does the research! For nearly every type of chronic pain there is strong evidence for the use of exercise as therapy. In fact, a Cohrane review of exercise found it more effective than usual care by a general practitioner for chronic low back pain.

A large portion of our chiropractic and sports medicine clinic in Charlotte is built out into a gym for the purpose of teaching people to move well and move often. When patients come to see us they almost always receive some form of passive treatment (adjustments, massage, dry needling, laser therapy, cupping), but they will also receive active treatment like stretches or exercises. We find it is vital to give our patients something they can do at home to better manage their pain or injury.

Most injuries and painful conditions are caused by not doing enough good movement or doing too much bad movement. These movement problems require a movement solution!


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