Cupping Therapy in Charlotte, NC

What is Cupping?

Cupping therapy, a method akin to massage for muscle relaxation, diverges from traditional massage techniques. Instead of compression, cupping employs gentle suction to elevate the skin and superficial tissues, inducing a decompressing effect. This approach proves beneficial in situations where tissues are constricted due to injury or pain. Decompression serves to open blood vessels, relieve pressure on nerves, and mitigate tension, all with the ultimate goal of alleviating pain and improving movement.

Historically, glass cups and a flame were used to create a vacuum for cup adhesion. However, at our Charlotte clinic, we prioritize patient safety and comfort by employing soft silicone or durable plastic cups. These materials offer increased ease of use and maneuverability on the body.

At TruMotion, we use several different supping methods.

  • Static Cupping involves leaving the cups in place for several minutes.¬† This is ideal for people in higher levels of pain.
  • Dynamic Cupping involves gliding the cups over the skin.¬† Lotion is applied to reduce friction and irritation.¬† This is ideal for covering large areas of tension like the thigh or back.
  • Cupping with Movement involves having the patient go through movements or stretches with the cups in place.¬† This method is ideal for improving range of motion and reducing pain with specific movements.

Cupping proves effective for addressing generalized muscle tension and pain, often targeting specific areas like the lower back. Additionally, it can be advantageous for conditions such as peripheral nerve entrapment (pinched nerves), where nerves in the extremities are compressed beneath muscles or fascia. By applying cups to the affected area and incorporating movement, cupping enhances nerve mobility and alleviates symptoms of entrapment.

Cupping is safe and effective.  Mild discoloration of the skin following treatment can occur but is temporary.


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