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Discover the Power of Laser Therapy at TruMotion Therapy

Do you experience pain in your muscles and joints and need quick relief? Rather than relying on medications or alternative treatments, visit TruMotion Therapy for a laser therapy appointment. Our effective pain relief services involve using a cutting-edge applicator with a laser light that penetrates your soft tissue and blood vessels to promote healing. 

At TruMotion Therapy, we utilize the latest medical technology and have a team of caring, knowledgeable staff who are happy to treat the pain you’re experiencing. Discover what makes us a leading provider of holistic health services in Charlotte, NC.¬†

Understanding Laser Therapy: How It Works

What is laser therapy and how does it relieve pain? This groundbreaking medical advancement works similarly to photosynthesis, which helps plants grow.

Laser or photodynamic therapy sends light waves beneath your skin that penetrate your soft tissue. Your cells absorb the light’s energy and convert it into chemical energy that kickstarts your body’s immune response. Experts often perform a soft tissue massage after applying the laser to your skin for maximum benefits.¬†

Is laser therapy effective for pain management? Schedule an appointment at TruMotion Therapy and you can experience relief with laser therapy. We utilize this safe and proven method to treat a wide range of conditions, including:

The Benefits of Laser Therapy

If you’re on the fence about having certain conditions treated with laser therapy, consider the benefits that this treatment provides. It’s a holistic approach to pain management and eliminates the need for medications that may only offer temporary relief instead of a permanent solution.¬†

Laser therapy accelerates your body’s natural healing process and the treatment itself only takes a few minutes to complete.¬†

TruMotion Therapy's Laser Therapy Services

At TruMotion Therapy, our goal is to stop your pain and discomfort at the source. That’s why we offer a personalized approach for every patient for optimal results. We’ll apply the laser to your skin and maneuver it so that impacted cells start to initiate an immune response.¬†

One of our friendly healthcare specialists will determine if you’re a candidate for laser therapy. We’ll proceed with the treatment and focus on the areas where you’re experiencing the most pain.

What To Expect During Your Session

You have nothing to be scared of when getting laser therapy. Prepare for the session by making sure your skin is clean so our experts can place the laser without any heavy lotions or other products creating a barrier. The appointment should only take a few minutes between the use of the laser and a soft tissue massage and you shouldn’t experience any severe pain due to the treatment.

Your provider will give you instructions for continuing to treat the injury at home and recommend follow-up appointments if you need more relief.

Begin Your Healing Journey with Laser Therapy at TruMotion Therapy

Don’t let pain or injuries keep you from living your life. Seek laser therapy treatment at TruMotion Therapy and say “goodbye” to tension in your joints and muscles. We help countless Charlotte residents alleviate their pain without the use of pharmaceuticals or surgery.¬†

If you’re ready to take the first step on your healing journey, contact TruMotion Therapy today. Our friendly staff is happy to accommodate you and show you the benefits of laser therapy firsthand. Contact our office at (980) 819-5818 to schedule your first appointment and learn more.


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