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Discover Chiropractic Excellence at TruMotion Therapy in Charlotte, NC

Are you seeking relief from shoulder, back, or neck pain? It would help if you had a reliable chiropractor in Charlotte, NC. At TruMotion Therapy, our team of experienced chiropractors use a variety of treatment plans to help you achieve optimal health.

As a top-rated provider of chiropractic care, we fully commit ourselves to your health and prioritize personalized treatment rather than cookie-cutter solutions. We’re part of the community and regularly give back to it through initiatives and supporting local sports teams. We also value accessibility and keep expanded office hours a few days a week.

Comprehensive Charlotte Chiropractor Services

As your comprehensive Charlotte chiropractor, we provide the full range of treatments and services that address your holistic well-being. We offer the following:

  • Rehabilitative exercises: If you’ve experienced an injury or a chronic condition, we can provide you with exercise routines that can help restore your strength and mobility.
  • Dry needling and acupuncture: Dry needling and acupuncture use small needles to reduce muscle tension and pain to harness the body’s natural healing properties.
  • Laser therapy: This approach uses directed, painless, and therapeutic light waves to stimulate your body’s healing. It can effectively decrease pain, swelling, and inflammation.
  • Cupping: Cupping resembles massage therapy and uses suction, and sometimes heat, to relieve nerve pressure, reduce tension, and improve mobility.

Combined with our standard family chiropractic care and maintenance, our services enable you to achieve a level of health that can improve your overall quality of life.

Sports Chiropractor in Charlotte, NC

As a trusted sports chiropractor in Charlotte, NC, we provide focused care for athletes. Whether you’re looking to enhance your performance, prevent injuries, or recover from an accident, our expertise and care help you enjoy the physical activities you love.

How effectively do we help athletes? Read our reviews to see our history of success!

Kim gave us a five-star rating and loves that we educate her on how to keep working out at the gym without further injury. She loves that Dr. Zack never suggests treatments she doesn’t need.

Megan is a distance runner who was dealing with a chronic injury. She gave Dr. Sankey a five-star rating because she loves how well he listens and helps her achieve her fitness goals.

Our Team of Chiropractic Professionals

As a top-rated chiropractor in Charlotte, NC, we offer a team of highly qualified and compassionate experts to offer a superior level of care. Our extensive and diverse experience and skill sets allow our team to personalize your treatment. This approach sets us apart from other chiropractors in the area.

Dr. Clay Sankey founded TruMotion Therapy to help patients focus on the picture of their overall health through various techniques. He enjoys spending time with his family and German Shepard and stays active by running, camping, and more.

Dr. Zack Ratliff loves spending time getting to know patients and thrives on helping them achieve their overall health goals. He enjoys doing CrossFit and hiking with his family.

Patient-Centered Approach to Chiropractic Care in Charlotte, NC

Why is TruMotion Therapy the best provider of chiropractic care in Charlotte, NC? Unlike other chiropractors who prioritize quantity of patients over quality of service, we prioritize spending the time getting to know you so we can provide the best treatment plan for you. We factor in the nature of your injury, your lifestyle, habits, and risk factors in crafting an effective treatment plan that won’t overwhelm you.

We prioritize holistic health and we know you’re more than your injury. No matter the reason you need treatment, you’ll find compassion and understanding from our team.

Choose TruMotion Therapy for Your Chiropractic Needs in Charlotte, NC

Are you ready to obtain all the benefits of a quality chiropractor in Charlotte, NC? We make becoming a new patient easy and efficient. We ask you to set aside an hour for your first appointment so we can adequately get to know you. After that, your appointments will be tailored to your specific needs to find pain relief.

We accept a wide variety of insurance plans and you can book an appointment online by contacting us at (980) 819-5818 today.


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