Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Indian Trail

TruMotion Therapy is well-respected for providing the safest, evidence-based plantar fasciitis treatment, sciatica treatment, and tennis elbow treatment to patients throughout the Greater Charlotte Metropolitan Area. If you are suffering from pain caused by sports injuries or motor vehicle accidents, you are going to want the best treatment and care. This is where TruMotion Therapy and Dr. Clay Sankey and his colleagues come into the picture. They are known for possessing the knowhow and ability to successfully treat the cause of all of our patients’ discomforts so that they will be pain-free and able to function as they once did. Whenever our Indian Trail neighbors need the most exceptional and caring treatment in the region, the only name they need to know is TruMotion Therapy.

Sciatica Treatment Indian Trail

Indian Trail is in Union County, North Carolina with about 40,000 residents. TruMotion Therapy is at: 9217 Baybrook Lane, Suite #1 in Charlotte, North Carolina less than 12 miles west of Indian Trail. TruMotion is committed to resolving your problems with plantar fasciitis, sciatica, and tennis elbow discomfort in the most expeditious and affordable manner possible. Plantar fasciitis can be brought about by training errors. When this occurs, chiropractic treatment, corrective exercises and manual therapy can often help. Tennis elbow is an injury which often is brought on by repetitive motion and overuse. That is when our Indian Trail patients are going to require our TruMotion teams’ sciatica treatment. Sciatica is recognized as being very painful, and it is possible for spinal irritation to aggravate the condition further. Our Indian Trail patients are appreciate going to TruMotion for help.

Tennis Elbow Treatment Indian Trail

TruMotion’s Plantar Fasciitis Treatment, Sciatica Treatment, and Tennis Elbow Treatment will put you on the road to full recovery and complete pain-relief in no time! To learn more about our noninvasive treatments or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Clay Sankey, call TruMotion Therapy at: (980) 819-5818, today. Our convenient office hours are as follows:

  • 8 AM ‚Äď 1 PM, Monday & Friday
  • 7 AM ‚Äď 6 PM, Tuesday & Thursday
  • 8 AM ‚Äď 6 PM, Wednesday

You can also text us after hours at: (980) 224-0517.

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Indian Trail | Sciatica Treatment Indian Trail | Tennis Elbow Treatment Indian Trail

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