Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Fort Mill Charlotte

TruMotion Therapy is distinguished for providing safe, evidence-based therapy for residents of Fort Mill and throughout the greater Charlotte area.  This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Plantar Fasciitis Treatment
  • Sciatica Treatment
  • Tennis Elbow Treatment

Whether our patients are experiencing acute or chronic pain due to sports injuries or motor vehicle accidents, or if they are seeking preventative care, TruMotion treats the root cause of their discomfort while ensuring that they are functioning optimally.  On the occasion that our neighbors from Fort Mill need plantar fasciitis treatment or are simply looking for a proficient and empathetic chiropractor, they visit Dr. Clay Sankey at TruMotion Therapy.

Sciatica Treatment Fort Mill Charlotte

Fort Mill is in York County, South Carolina, with over 27,000 residents calling it home. TruMotion Therapy is located at: 9217 Baybrook Lane, Suite #1 in Charlotte, North Carolina, approximately 12 miles southwest of Fort Mill. TruMotion can get to the bottom of your problems with plantar fasciitis pain, sciatica discomfort, and tennis elbow injury.  Often, the problem of plantar fasciitis is caused by training errors.  This is where chiropractic manual therapy and corrective exercise can help – all of which are aspects of our plantar fasciitis treatment program.  Tennis elbow can be brought on by overuse and repetitive use, as found in tennis and golf, and our tennis elbow treatment involves our Fort Mill patients wearing supportive bands or sleeves.  Finally, our sciatica treatment involves the largest nerve in the human body.  Most often, irritation at the spine is the cause, and can be very painful.  However, with proper sciatica treatment, our Fort Mill patients can kiss the sciatica pain goodbye.

Tennis Elbow Treatment Fort Mill Charlotte

When our Fort Mill neighbors show up to TruMotion with any one of these complaints, TruMotion has the answers to all of them: plantar fasciitis treatment, sciatica treatment, and tennis elbow treatment. To learn more about our noninvasive responses and treatment, we recommend you get in touch with TruMotion at: (980) 819-5818, today.  Our office hours are: Monday & Friday, 8 AM – 1 PM; Tuesday & Thursday, 7 AM – 6 PM; Wednesday, 8 AM – 6 PM.  After hours, please text us at: (980) 224-0517.

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Fort Mill Charlotte | Sciatica Treatment Fort Mill Charlotte | Tennis Elbow Treatment Fort Mill Charlotte

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