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Chiropractic Care at TruMotion Therapy | Chiropractor Near Pineville, NC

As a chiropractor near Pineville, NC, TruMotion Therapy provides a variety of evidence-based chiropractic services to relieve back, shoulder, neck, and many other musculoskeletal system pain issues.

Many Pineville residents prefer TruMotion Therapy, not just because they can expect personalized expert care but because every patient we see feels our commitment to providing top-notch chiropractic care.

TruMotion Therapy also offers acupuncture & dry needling, laser therapy, cupping, and active therapies centered around movement. When you need a chiropractor near Pineville, choosing TruMotion Therapy will begin a journey that is both rehabilitative and improves your life beyond pain relief.

Why Choose TruMotion Therapy in Charlotte, NC?

Many clinics offer chiropractic services in Charlotte, NC, but TruMotion Therapy is a cut above the rest.

Innovative Recovery Solutions

Studies show that an incredibly effective treatment for pain, addressing pain and improving mobility, strength, and function, is movement, yet most injured individuals have a difficult time moving.¬†That’s why we offer the Anti-Gravity Treadmill at TruMotion Therapy, which allows for full-range movement without impact forces causing injury aggravation.

Expert-Led Care

TruTherapy Motion, led by Dr. Clay Sankey and Dr. Jack Ratliff, offers in-depth services centered around sports science, rehabilitation, and chiropractic medicine. The experts at TruMotion Therapy are always striving to be better. In fact, Dr. Sankey has over 500 hours of extracurricular work to make the exemplary services provided at TruMotion Therapy even better.

Acupuncturist putting needles in the back and neck area of a patient.

Pain Relief and Injury Recovery Near Pineville, NC

TruMotion Therapy treats a wide variety of injuries and ailments that is tailored to what you need, from chiropractic care to dry needling, and everything in between. We treat pain for:

  • Back and Neck Pain Relief: When you’ve got back and neck pain, a chiropractor near Pineville may be able to help. Dynamic neuro stabilization alongside tissue work not only helps speed the recovery process but also helps improve functionality.
  • Sports Injury Rehabilitation: Our team‚Äôs background as an athlete and athletic trainer, combined with his dedication to comprehensive chiropractic care, gets your body back to where it was pre-injury and improves performance beyond it.
  • Care for the Whole Body: Our chiropractors, by performing¬†comprehensive care, can help with headaches, tennis elbow, and more.

TruMotion Therapy’s Patient-Centered Approach

Care at TruMotion Therapy begins with booking your appointment. We’ll talk, getting to know both the pain issue and your goals. Next, we evaluate, utilizing a battery of clinical tests to understand the issue. Then, finally, we treat the condition.

Our philosophy at TruMotion Therapy is built by a commitment to holistic care supported by evidence-based techniques and therapies. The chiropractic care you’ll find at TruMotion Therapy is expertly designed for you and your needs.

What sets TruMotion Therapy apart isn’t just the wide range of problems we help solve, but that we also offer complementary therapies like dry needling and laser therapy to find the perfect recipe for injury and pain relief. When you partner with TruMotion Therapy, you’ll be getting more than just a chiropractor near Pineville.

Convenient and Accessible Pineville Chiropractic Clinic

A state-of-the-art facility along with best-in-class experts has never been easier to find with TruMotion Therapy’s readily accessible clinic in Charlotte, NC.¬†Not only is our facility convenient to find, but our services are easy to schedule. Click¬†here¬†to view our services, timeslots, and service providers to start a treatment plan that fits your busy schedule.

We understand that you have a busy life. You may have to try and schedule a session around work, your children’s activities, and more. That’s why we offer highly flexible scheduling options. We aim to accommodate even the busiest lifestyles and help you receive timely assistance. We look forward to helping you find pain relief.

Schedule an Appointment with TruMotion Therapy | Chiropractor Near Pineville, NC

Chiropractic care can be an excellent way to find pain relief and live a healthier and pain-free life. For a truly unique care experience combining compassion and expertise, choose TruMotion Therapy. You’ll find our driven care experts and state-of-the-art facility to be the ideal place for your recovery.

Don’t live with pain any longer. Relief and recovery are possible. Schedule an appointment with TruMotion Therapy by contacting us at¬†(980) 819-5818. Find a trusted chiropractor near Pineville, NC, today!


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