Fixing Cycling Neck Pain in 3 Steps

May 15th, 2024

Neck pain is a common issue for cyclists, regardless of whether they ride on road bike, mountain bike, or gravel bike. This discomfort stems from the posture cyclists adopt while riding, especially on road bikes. When leaning forward on aero bars, the back rounds, putting strain on the neck to keep the eyes aligned with the horizon.


To address this, let’s discuss 3 steps to alleviate neck pain. But before diving into these steps, it’s crucial to emphasize the significance of a proper bike fit. Without it, any off-bike remedies might not suffice once you’re in the saddle. Visit your local bike shop for adjustments to handlebar angles, seat position, or stem length, ensuring a comfortable and efficient ride.


Step One: Decompress Your Neck:

Cyclists often find themselves in a hyper-extended neck position, compressing the joints and muscles at the base of the skull and neck.  To counter this, try this chin tuck exercise. Stand tall, place your fingers on your chin, and gently slide it backward towards your throat. Repeat this to relieve pressure and tension.


Step Two: Upper Back Mobility:

The thoracic spine or upper back tends to remain rounded during cycling, leading to tightness.  When the thoracic spine becomes stiff it requires more strain to be placed on the cervical spine.  The prayer stretch is effective for loosening the thoracic spine. Kneel in front of a surface like a coffee table, place your elbows on it, and push your sternum downwards. This stretch alleviates tension in the upper back and lats, enhancing mobility without straining the shoulders.


Step Three: Posture Muscle Endurance:

Finally, it’s essential to maintain proper neck and upper back positions throughout the ride. As fatigue sets in, cyclists often deviate from optimal posture, leading to discomfort. This exercise with a resistance band helps build endurance in these muscles. Focus on maintaining a chin tucked position with your upper back in extension while holding the pose for gradually increasing durations.


If you are experiencing pain, especially neck pain, see a medical professional before attempting any self-treatment.  At TruMotion Therapy in Charlotte, we specialize in sports chiropractic care.  By addressing the joints, muscles, and nerves with a variety of techniques, we get to the route of the problem to ensure it does not return.  Beyond traditional chiropractic care, our chiropractors are highly trained in the following techniques to help alleviate neck pain: dry needling, laser therapy, functional training, and more.


If you’re in the Charlotte area cyclist seeking relief from neck pain or any musculoskeletal issues, our sports chiropractors at TruMotion Therapy would be happy to help.¬† Click here to schedule an appointment at our Charlotte office.¬†


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