NormaTec Recovery Boots

January 3rd, 2023

Whether you’re tired of hobbling up the stairs from sore legs, looking to bolster your warmup routine, or just need some relaxing time off your feet, the NormaTec Recovery Boots may become your newest obsession!

The NormaTec Recovery Boots utilize air pressure and a dynamic compression system to provide a relaxing, deep-pressure massage over your legs. Similar to a blood pressure cuff, the boots gradually inflate and squeeze a series of zones from your feet to your hips, mimicking and assisting the natural flow of blood within the body.  

Aside from the comfort and immediate therapeutic benefits that the boots provide, a single 20 minute session can increase blood flow and circulation, help maintain range of motion, decrease pain and muscle soreness, and even assist with lymphatic drainage of the lower extremities. The versatility of the NormaTec Recovery Boots make them the perfect choice for hyperactive athletes, sedentary desk workers, and everything in between.

But don’t just take my word for it, for only $25/session, you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the boots for yourself! 

NormaTec Recovery Boot sessions can be booked independently or in conjunction with an existing chiropractic appointment.  You do not need to be a patient to book a session.

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