What is Frozen Shoulder?

January 31st, 2023

The shoulder is a dynamic joint that offers a great range of motion and contributes to many of our everyday movements. When in pain, the dysfunction can make everything from getting dressed to lifting to working out challenging.  

Frozen shoulder is common among those who can’t move their shoulder joint for an extended period. This could be due to an injury, surgery, medical condition such as a stroke, or leading a sedentary lifestyle. 

Chiropractic care can help end your frozen shoulder effectively. Using safe methods that restore and strengthen the body, you can find balance and end your pain. 


This article will go over:

  • What frozen shoulder is
  • Symptoms of frozen shoulder
  • Tips to help prevent frozen shoulder
  • Chiropractic solutions to end frozen shoulder 
  • And more 


Let’s get to it.


Do I Have Frozen Shoulder?

If you’ve been unable to move your shoulder joint for a lengthy period or find that your shoulder is hard to move, frozen shoulder may be the reason. Signs generally develop slowly, getting heightened over time.


Symptoms come on in stages and may include: 

  • Dull or aching pain when moving the affected shoulder 
  • Loss of range of motion
  • Stiffness in the shoulder
  • Difficulty or complete inability to use the shoulder
  • Worsening shoulder pain at night
  • Radiating pain from the shoulder into the arm


As time goes on, your symptoms may improve; however, that can take up to three years. Without the shoulder joint’s proper function, other areas have to compensate, putting those areas at risk for injury. Seeking chiropractic care for your frozen shoulder will help it heal faster and keep your body safe. 


How to Help Prevent Frozen Shoulder 

With everyday use, the odds of getting frozen shoulder are limited. However, if you can’t use your shoulder for an extended period of time, the condition is a serious possibility. If you’re put in a cast or have surgery, you lose the ability to work the soft tissues and the joint. 

With range of motion exercises, stretching, and strength building, you reduce your chances of getting frozen shoulder. With the proper guidance from a chiropractor, you can do these things even after surgery, injury, or illness. 

In some cases, the causes of frozen shoulder are hard to determine, so it’s not always possible to prevent. 


Common reasons for and causes of frozen shoulder include:

  • Inflammation
  • Prolonged levels of stress and anxiety tighten soft tissues in the shoulder 
  • Illness such as diabetes
  • Arthritis 
  • Soft tissue injury


Frozen shoulder occurs when the capsule of soft tissues around the shoulder thickens and tightens around the joint. So, ensuring those soft tissues stay loose and fully functioning will help keep the condition from affecting you. 


Chiropractic Care for Frozen Shoulder

Working with a chiropractor to end your frozen shoulder safely and quickly is a great way to get the proper treatment. An experienced chiropractor has the safe, non-invasive methods your body needs when encountering trauma and pain.  Movement is key for this condition.  The earlier treatment can begin the better!


Common chiropractic solutions for frozen shoulder include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments– Chiropractic adjustments help improve joint range of motion and decrease pain.  Adjustments to key areas like the neck, upper back and shoulder are beneficial for restoring movement around the shoulder. 
  • Dry needling– Applying thin needles over affected soft tissue loosens and heals the injured tissues and promotes healthy circulation.  This technique can quickly free up soft tissue adhesions and lead to better movement. 
  • Movement therapy– Learning how to exercise, stretch, and move will help restore the body and get it to its natural, most empowered state, pain-free and supporting you.
  • Laser therapy– Targeted light reaches deep into the injured tissues for healing benefits that come quickly and safely.  Laser is beneficial when the area is flared-up and painful. 
  • And more


Working with your local chiropractor can give significant and lasting results if you have frozen shoulder or are experiencing body pains. Even if your pain is chronic and you think it has to be part of your everyday life, it’s worth the visit. 

Chiropractors understand how the body should work and the relationship between all the soft tissues and joints. You owe it to your body to get the help it’s asking for. 


Visit Our Charlotte Chiropractic Clinic to End Your Frozen Shoulder 

Don’t wait for your frozen shoulder to heal on its own; that could take years and cause other bodily damage and mental stress. Visit our Charlotte chiropractic team; we’ll heal and strengthen your shoulder so it can fully function. 

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